Monday, August 30, 2010


WOW! I cant believe how fast this year has flown by! Almost a year ago (well on the 13th it will be a year) I was pretty sure I was going to die! I was soooo swollen and huge, well actually huge really does not even explain what I was! I was scared to death of being a parent. Over the last year there has been ups and down, everyday has been an adventure and one I never want to forget. I never knew that I could love one little person so much, she is the light of my life and pretty much my whole world. There are times that I want to sell her to the highest bidder and then in the next second she smiles at me with her big blue eyes and melts my heart all over again. I love this little girl so much here is what we have been up to the last few months.

I LOVE you go for rides with my daddy

I started walking in the middle of July and I sure do love to make messes....

Lake Powell I love the water!

All ready for my 1st Rodeo with my 1st pair of boots

All ready to go to swimming lessons

Me and my mom did mommy and me swimming lessons and I LOVED THEM....

My 1st piggy "I look so cute and my mom was really excited"

My 1st time seeing grandpas turkeys I'm not really a fan yet...

My 1st fireworks and not to sure about them maybe next year?

My 1st 4th of July

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ok so we think that we have the cutest little girl ever! Her personality is just as cute and spunky as can be, I cant believe how grown up she is getting.

I cant believe that Jeff and I have been married for two years, for our anniversary we went to Cancun! It was a much need break from work for Jeff and it was just plan fun for me. I love my life that Jeff and I have together he dose so much for us I love him so much....

As for me and Jeff life has been pretty exciting, we took McKadee camping for the first time over Easter weekend. It was a little cold, and she was getting her first tooth all of these thing together equalled one pretty sad little girl. She did manage to get her first four-wheeler ride, I don't know who liked it more her or her dad?

McKadee is crawling every where, you never know where you will find her (my closet playing, she loves shoes) she tries to go a little to fast when she gets excited and piles up (so cute). She can pull her self up and stand anywhere. Every morning we find her standing up in her crib jumping I think that is one of my favorite things its so stricken cute.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Really....crawling already!

What the heck my baby is only 5 months and on Sunday she decided that it is time for her to start crawling! I don't think I am ready for this I like the idea of laying her some place and she is there when I came back. But those day are long gone.... she has been rolling all over the place for the last month, she can pretty much get where ever she wants and is already into everything! Plants, VCR, cords you name it she is into it. Ya lets just say that we have some serious baby proofing to do ASAP. We sure do love this little girl and she is so so much fun, she love to eat her cereal and has quite the little personality who new having kids would be this much fun and also so much work.

Monday, December 28, 2009

3 MoNtHs....

Wow I cant believe how fast time is going by McKadee is changing so much she is starting to be so much fun and is so funny! The next two pictures are her three month pics they turned out so cute thanks to uncle Mikey.....

Christmas moring getting ready to go to Grandmas

Mckadee's new favorite toy her jumper she loves it we just have to put books under her cause she cant reach the ground yet!

Christmas eve and her christmas PJ's

Kadee and her fist pic with santa

She loves to talk and tell us stories

The funniest thing when we put her in her coat thing she cant move her arm and just looks at us like what have you just done to me!

She loves to stand and can pull her self up if you just hold onto her hands

Who needs to just suck on one finger when you can have a whole fist....

She loves to sit up and see
whats going on

Friday, November 13, 2009

UpDaTe TiMe....

I cant believe how fast time is flying by, I cant believe that Mckadee is already two months old. She had her two month check up today, she is such a chunk she weighs 11.7 lbs and is 23 inches long. She has done so good even after 3 shots. she has done this powty lip thing all afternoon, so sad but the cutest thing ever. She is starting to be so much fun she smiles all the time and loves the talk and lay on her back and just kick. I think we are in for it, she already is such a show off she loves attention the more people that will pay attention to her the more smiles, coo's and gurgles you get. As for our lives A lot has happened since by last so here is a quick update. First of all there was the deer hunt, Jeff had a lot of fun with his brothers and as bounus he got a pretty good buck this year, while Jeff was hunting me and Mckadee spent our time in Ephraim with grandma we had so much fun. Our next big event was Mckadee's first Halloween, she was a ballerina she looked so cute. She was such a good sport but by the end of the night she had had enough of the tutu, I could not get her to smile for any pictures but as soon as I took her clothes off she was happy as can be and was full of smiles. That pretty much sums up our lives we love being parents and it gets funner and funner every day.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1 month already......

This is what happens when my mom puts those things on my head

Jeff trying to get McKadee to sleep (its not working to well as you can see)

Our little angle

She always sleeps like this, she has to have her hands up

She loves her baths

I cant belive that it has already been a month time is flying by. We both love being parents, she is growing and changing so much everyday. She is smiling more now and is starting to make cooing noises that are so cute. On Sunday we blessed McKadee it was such a special day, Jeff did a amazing job, Mckadee has the best dad that loves her so much. She looked so prescious in her white dress, we are lucky to have her in our lives.